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New ALLEVYN Gentle Border Multisite has a unique tri-lobe design making it the dressing of choice when dressing awkward body areas

allevyn gentle multisite

A recent volunteer trial found the ALLEVYN Gentle Border Multisite had better conformability and superior retention than the equivalent MepilexTM Border square dressing* when dressing awkward body areas such as the knee and elbow

  • Back of the head
    The dressing offers protection whilst remaining gentle on fragile skin
  • Back of the Neck
    Dressing tracheostomy wounds can be a challenge due to the delicate areas on and around the neck.
  • Under Arm
    The flexibility of the dressing conforms to the contours of the axilla.
  • Breast
    The dressing remains soft to the skin whilst being conformable to fit a wound of any area around the breast
  • Knee
    The dressing remains anchored in place whilst allowing full flexibility of the knee joint.
  • Shoulder
    The dressing conforms to this area providing comfort and protection.
  • Back
    The shape and flexibility of the dressing makes it suitable for any wound on the back.
  • Elbow
    The dressing is ideal when dressing bony prominences like the elbow as it allows the joint to remain flexible whilst being soft on the skin.
  • Thigh
    Fits perfectly around providing protection for wounds.
  • Calf
    The shape and flexibility of the dressing aids easy application and the gentle silicone allows the dressing to be repositioned.

Start to remove the protector material from the dressing and ensure that the dressing has adhered all around the wound.
ALLEVYN Gentle Border Multisite can be cut. Always use aseptic technique when cutting the dressing. Ensure any exposed foam areas are covered with an appropriate film dressing taking care not to cover the entire dressing